Custom Jewellery Designby Designer Goldsmith Geoff Bourdon

Create a timeless masterpiece that reflects your individual sense of style. Whether you are restyling a family heirloom or creating a new one, we have the expertise to make ideas come to life.


Please note we are currently not taking any custom design commissions as our waitlist is full.

Reach out to our customer service team and we would be honoured to help you special order a piece just for you.

Our Custom Process


Design Consultation

Most design consultations occur in person, however if you are from out of town, we can work together through email and phone calls as well! Before a consultation, we will gather some preliminary design information through our questionnaire so we can get you started in the right direction! Is it a new design or a re-imagining of existing jewellery? Some new designs can actually be a special order, or some more intricate designs will need a custom one-of-a-kind design! Is this for yourself or a gift? If a gift, is this a surprise? What is your budget? Do you have pictures of designs you love? Once you meet with our Designer Goldsmith Geoff, he can take your ideas and create something that combines all this information into your new piece of jewellery!



Next we get you a quote for the design. Quotes can be given through an in person appointment or be sent through email! Our quotes will breakdown the type of metal, gemstones and labour for each piece. Depending on the design, we will either include the sample pictures you provided us with, a sketch or a CAD rendering if necessary. All quotes are valid for 24 hours since our gold market changes daily. At this stage, any revisions needed can be done, then once you approve the design, a 50% deposit is required to give the go ahead on the work. Once a design is given the go ahead, they cannot be altered or cancelled.


Construction & Design

Timelines vary for each design, but we aim to have a 6-8 week timeline from the go ahead date. This can change depending on the complexity of the design and the current shop timelines when the go ahead is given. We will give an estimated timeline with the quote and we will communicate if there are any changes to that throughout the process.



Upon completion, we will contact you to arrange pick up or shipping within 30 days! The remaining balance is due upon the completion of the job. For new pieces we will provide you with a detailed receipt for your records, for any jewellery that was re-imagined from existing materials you supplied, we recommend getting on to our appraisal clinic lists (we have the spring & fall) to get an up to date insurance value for your item.


Recent Commissions